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         “STARS FROM HEAVEN”                                                               MAY 5-JUNE 14, 2018                                 

"Nature won't be summoned to order and won't be kept waiting. It must be caught, well caught "stated the great Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Deriving inspiration from the French and Post Impressionists, contemporary Kansas artist Monique Carasso Heubel is not interested in an exact replication of a landscape. Rather, Ms. Carasso Heubel's compositions reflect the notion that nature is never as static as it appears in a photographic image, but is constantly changing through time and space, from season to season, through different visual perspectives. The use of color and Ms. Carasso Heubel's continually changing perspectives between compositions gender a fascinating view of different moments in time, capturing the dynamism and energy of her lines and textured application. 


Ms. Carasso Heubel explores the feeling of nature by emulating the organic texture of natural surfaces. “Most of my oil pastels are done at my alternate office… nature,” she states. Perfectly encapsulating the sentiment of her scenes, Ms. Carasso Heubel strives to recreate the peaceful feeling of watching the movement of the ocean, or viewing a sunset. Instead of mimicking a photographic representation of nature, her compositions move from a distant atmospheric perspective to a close-up, depicting heavenly sunrises over a warm and restless sea or mountain tops with light shining through the peaks. Through multiple perspectives, juxtaposing color palettes, diverse and textured line work, and integrated text, Ms. Carasso Heubels' compositions are in a visual representation of nature's dynamism, showing that no single scene is the defining visualization of a natural landscape. 


In addition to a visual engagement of the sense of sight through a luscious color palette, her paintings engage a sense of touch through the thick textured application of oil pastels. Dense, textured pools of color build up the surface of her natural vistas. With the diverse directionality of her hand, the compositions visually parallel the temporality and environmental conditions of nature. “I hope these paintings take you to places you have been or want to go,” Ms. Carasso Heubel muses. “Relax and listen closely to the sounds of the waves in my oceanscapes. But, be careful. If you look close enough at my mountainscape, a bear just might sneak up on you.”


The incandescent paintings of Monique Carasso Heubel result in modern masterpieces which invite the viewer to inhale the divine beauty of nature. Cultivating a strong reputation in the international art world, and she has exhibited across the United States in Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, and New York. Treasured in prestigious public and private collections, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is thrilled to shine the spotlight on Monique Carasso Heubel. 

Ruthie Tucker
Executive Director – Curator

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor, Chelsea
New York, NY 10001
ph: (212) 255-9050
f: (212) 255-9020





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